e-Learning Lesson Designer

Lesson designer is the main project application, allowing users to create or modify exiting lessons and to publish it on www servers.

Main window

Working with designer

Lesson creation constists of creating desired slides (pages) and objects containing information. Create new slides from menu or from appropiate button in main window navigation part. Create new objects on slide by selecting and dragging them from object repository on the left and dropping onto desired position on slide.

Object editing can be done naturally by mouse:

Global editation functions (cut, copy, delete of objects) work on selected objects, no matter what kind of objects they are.

Creating a quiz

Lessons can have a quiz for determining student's performance. For this purpose system has a set of quiz objects dealing with it. Quiz objects in e-Learning designer are divided into three categories: When creating questions you should
  1. create question objects on desired slides
  2. create answer objects and attach them to desired questions via context menu
  3. create an quiz report object to show results

Question properties

In question properties you can see attached answers in answer list. You can modify these information on question objects:

Creating new lesson

Lesson files consist of multiple Slides ("pages"), as in common presentation programs like Powerpoint. Every Slide then contains objects like text, images, sound, etc.

When starting work on new lesson choose to:

Publishing lesson

This option gives possibility to publish current lesson to for viewing it on WWW. Select a name for html file, then system generates a html page from template with current lesson. All needed files are copied into same directory. In general you need these files to copy on web server:
  1. generated html file
  2. lesson file - has name like generated html file with extension .lesson
  3. Viewer.jar - runtime version of viewer

Create new slide

Inserts slide at current position. If no slide is set as default, an empty slide is created, else a copy of default slide is created.

Set slide as default

This option gives you possibility to set current slide as default slide template for new slides. When a slide is set as default, all new created slides will be a snapshot of it. You can fasten creating lesson if most slides are same structure by setting one of it as default.

Delete slide

Removes current slide from lesson. Current postion is set to next available slide, or if last slide was removed, it will be set to previous slide.

Rename slide

Change name on current slide.

Change slide background

Changes color for slide background. If you want to set it as default on new slides, use Set slide as default command from menu.

View modes

In designer, there are two methods of displayig lesson. You can choose between Design mode or View mode. Design mode allows you to modify lesson contents and view mode shows lesson as in viewer. You can't do any lesson modifications in view mode.

Lesson properties

As lesson designer you can define these lesson properties


Some Lesson objects may contain hyperlinks to another slides or URL hyperlinks to WWW pages. It's up to developers of lesson objects if their objects contain hyperlink. You can choose these hyperlink types:

Arrange slides

Use this dialog to arrange (move, delete, duplicate) slides in lesson. Select slide in slide list on left and make appropiate action. Modifications made here are done immediately, no cancel option is available. When needed for canceling operations done, use undo button.

Move slides

Moves selected slide position up or down in lesson.

Duplicate slide

Copies current slide and inserts it as next slide.

Slide selection

Slide select dialog

To go to specific slide use this dialog. Choose desired slide in slide list and press Select button to take you to selected slide. You can invoke this dialog anytime pressing F12 key.

Slide selection drop down box

To go to specific slide in design mode use this drop down box. Choose desired slide in drop down list to take you to selected slide.

Go to next slide

Changes current slide to next slide. If next slide is not existing (i.e. current slide is the last in lesson) this option is not available.

Go to previous slide

Changes current slide to previous slide. If next slide is not reachable (i.e. current slide is the first in lesson) this option is not available.

Trigger management

Trigger dialog

Use this dialog to manage trigger properites of this object. To add a new action bound with this trigger, press add button, to remove selected trigger action press remove. Check Trigger on slide enter to activate trigger actions everytime slide containing this trigger object is activated.

Adding Trigger actions

When adding new trigger action, first select desired object from list and appropiate action.


Every answer in quiz has assigned answer weight - how much right is the answer. Question score is then calculated from all bounded answers and their answer weights. Choose desired weight of answer in percentage, either moving the slidebar or enter value in editbox.

Quiz report

Use Quiz Report object to display quiz results, student's achievments in quiz. There are serveral properties affecting displaying results: